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  FOX Business    The Willis Report    News/Business.  
   Host Gerri Willis.  

    May 11, 2013
    11:00 - 12:01am EDT  

button on mean meantime, we have another great show for you right here on "the willis report" is coming up next. gerri: hello, everyone, i am gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report." business and real estate. we have the best places to by in the best places to make money. also, a new warning about the market. investors borrowing more against their stock portfolio. in a florida teacher is fired for revealing a little too much. is it legal? we are on the case on "the willis report" ♪ ♪ ♪ speakto our top sory tonight ishe business of real estate. whether you're buying or selling
or even just staying pt. we have the best advice around. conditions for buying and selling are better now than in years. inome cases like arming rates, things have never been better when it comes to mortgage raes. we'll show you how to profit from it. with me now is one alexander. monte moore, president of the more group and nashville and josh altman in los angeles. josh, starting with you, we have a red-hot market in some areas? the latest numbers show prices up 9.3% in the biggest cities. how long can this continue? >> well, hopefully ry l long. i have to tell you that the market is on fire. the high-end market, breaking records right and left. you have aordablhousing in aces like silverlake and clover -- culver city and los angeles. but can you close fast enough and are you ready to compete.
nicole: monty, is it like that in nashville. what is going on in tennessee? >> it's a great market. those kind of numbers and that connectity, the last 22 months in a row we have seen continued steady growth and we are 27% higher this month than this time last year. nicole: gerri: this is like a red-hot cale. the most expensive house was sold in miami in the entire history. some $47 million for one house. how is miami doing? florida was a mass. it coming back? there's the house he sold. >> there it is. the miami market is on fire. we are talking about miami real estate. we have all of the whole world's wealthut here trying t buy these hanzel properties. we have broken this year alone
the highest price for a condominium in florida history for $34 million. the highest recorded sale price per foot on condominiums as well single-family homes. gerri: ice on your notes, all of these different projects in miami. we should s 20 or 30 condo projects underconstruction right now. it is amazing. >> over 120 projects going on in the area as we speak. gerri: okay, over to you, how to do i buy a? tell me about strategy. people know the market is on fire but they don't know howo play it. >> told you this last time i was on the air, the key is a good broker, a strong broker hat has extensive knowledge on inventory and is able to market quickly. quite frankly, if you're not ready to go, the deal is going to go. gerri: it occurs to me that people are having to face a lot of buyers have 100% of the money that they need to buy a hoe. we have read stories and you can
tell me this if this is true that some realtors holdback the best properties for the all cash ofrs. is that true? >> timothy is a lot nicer to deal with. we don't have that kind of stuff to deal with. gerri: my mother lived in knoxville for a long ime. >> do see peoplholding their properties for all cash offers? >> typically in today's environment, yes, most of the buyers are cash buyers. what you need to understand is that miami was one of the hardest hit markets uring the recession. since then, we have grown tremendously. one of the hottest destinations in the world, what you're seeing the buyers that have been on the sidelines for the past four years are all running to purchase property and paying pay cash. so it's not really a boom that's going on. gerri: i can think of another red-hot market.
and that isn los angeles. is it possible that there is a bubble building and some of these markets right no are prices are maybe a little too high and it is because inventories are so tight? >> i don't really think so. there's been a lot of people sitting on the sidelines for the last four years. they are ready to borrow buy a house. i'm buying houses now, with a lack o nventory, the cheap moy, it's a great time to buy. the difference is that people can afford it now as opposed to what it was five years ao. gerri: i'm going to tell your story here as well. you sold the most expensive house in california. 20 million for one-bedroom house. that's great stuff. over to you, monty, you are in a normal market like lot of our viewers are in. what kinds of things should people be remembering right now? let's talk about the flip side of the equation, peoplple who really want to sell rightnow.
>> it's becoming more of a sellers market. i don't know if these guys can comprehend or even imagine. my medium price is $185,000. if you think about this, those are awesome numbers that we are talking about. did anybody in he country can afford to live in nashville and from the absolute best places to live. nicole: i think you guys all have great markets. warren, er to you. a lot of people are used using equity in their own homes to grow the real estate portfolio, can he do that now? are the banks at all working with people to help them buy real estate? >> they say that they are. it's pretty tough in today's climate. but if you can if it's within your means, go for it. gerri: or the banks working with people >> yes, they are. you don't need to overleveraged yourself. that's what happened last time. be happy where you are, get a
great house for geochemistry there for the next five years. that's going to be the best option. no need to ovleveraged and by this and that. you can always leaves out are property of force comes to worse, especially when payments are low if you walk and now. gerri: we have about 5 million houses for the year, which is back to a more normal time and real estate market. you think we will continue to have cycles? are we going to even out and have steady marketplace? >> i think the winners have made it difficult enough that we're going to see a steady increase. i don't think we're in a bubble whatsoever. i think we will continually see this growth, people are tired of sitting back and waiting and wondering what the economy is going to do. now we are seeing the action take place in middle tennessee. on a constent gradual basis and a healthy trend. gerri: 3.4% of the country, it is time to go by.
i want to see the reels they do well. thank you for coming on. great job to all three of you. an all-star pael tonight. thank you o much. gerri: we want to know what you think. here's our question tonight. is your home worth more now than befo the meltdown? wauconda, but on the right-hand side of the screen i will share the results of the at the end of the show. we have more coming up. how splitting his back. how'd he do that? and before you stick up for sale sign outside your houe, we have the best renovation for inside your house ta value.
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gerri: welcome back to the daylong coverage to the business of reaestate. a quick code of paint or gutting your entire kitchen, it can remodel your home's value. with more on is we have kiersten bakker. welcome back to the show, it's always good to you and. >> always go to be here. gerri: you know from variants what are of the best interior renovations to do on your home? >> well, the best is what is going to be the thing that gives the best first impression. we know that it kitchen and bath, but you ve to hope buyers from the get-go. it's an emotional thing that you are looking for. so as always, very important. >>ere's an interesting fact. homeowners spnding but more on
renovations in the year before. they're going to spend even more. does that make it more difficult to get done or easier? >> i think that the good contractors are available and working with good homeowners. it's a really good time to get that done. 53% of homeowners really think that that is going to happen. but you have to pick the right people, you have to make the right choices. so invest in the right place in your house. >> i completely agree. we are doing it ourselves. my favorite room in the house, let's face it, this is critical to buyers. they want to do the right thing. is it still all about granite countertops and they build bridges? >> i think it has a lot to do with top-notch energy efficient appliances. i'm not so sure that it's about granite. i think we are seeing alternative choices, green choices, organic choices, thgs
that are going to function and hold up over time comes they that is going to be timeless is a really great way to go these days. and then the functionanality f it, how many people can you fit in our? it's bn such a gathering place. so do have a place for people to set and enjoy while you are preparing dinner and what are the cbinets during? that is an expensive part of the kitchen. if they are closing and jamming your figures come it may be time to replace the cabinets. gerri: you said work triangle. tell us about that. >> working triangle between the oven refrigerator in the thing, how you navigate back, if you're having to go all the way across the tchen, even if it is the wrong direction on the bridge, the swing on the fridge door, it's really important to mak sure that you are checking how this is working.
>> one of the things you said, when we started here, is that it's all about the first impression. what about the entryway. >> buyers make up their mind about a house from the moment that they pull up to the driveway if they really like it. just based on how the front door fits, what the landscaping is light, if it's beenwell maintained. even if you haven't maintained your hse. start doing it before you put it the market and make sure that it's clutter free. so you want to make sure the get rid of all those things. >> oka allowing the buyer to see themselves walking through the front door in their company walking through the front door. >> i have heard some realtors say that.
you know, it brings you into that house. one of the things that i want you to address, because i think this is really important, some people make improvements and spend a lot of money on things and gettingasolutely no bang for their buck. what are the improvements that will return the money when you sell that house when. >>here is no question that upting your kitchen and bath are really safe that in terms of a good return for your money. good landscaping is a good return for your mney. the easy things hat are tangible that some homeowners can do themselves, which is painting, that will be a great return on your money. as soon as you're out of your comfort zone, unprofessional work quality that doesn't like it was done well, that is actually going to degrade the value of your house. so soon as you're out of your comfort zone, it's time to bring in a professional and pay them to get it done. gerri: okay,, so, so i have the triangle and are neutralized and a making sure that everything is upgraded to the best ability that i have possible.
kiersten, thank you for coming on. it was great to use. >> always good. i love real estate. gerri: i did too. we are on the same page. >> later in the show, a warning for investors. thlevels of margin debt reachi new highs. next, we answer the question how do you do that. we have some us your tips on getting the most bang for your buck when flipping a hose. from peter pasternack there he is right ere. don't go away. welcome to the new buffalo... where new york state is investing one billion dollars to attract and grow business. where companies like geico are investing in technology & finance. welcome to the state where cutting taxes for business... isur business.
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is back. coming up
gerri: buying your home, selling it for profit. the worst crisis in 80 years. flipping a home could boost your bottom line big-time. how do you do that? joining me now is peter pasternack, host of the show flip this house. before we get to the housing, can you tell me that the safe ing to do right now? because this could be a bubble ecomy and housing. >> well, thank you for having me
on t show. you know, the thing about this is that so many people see things on tv like our show, and they think it's easy. they see 45 minutes and then looking house is a 12 week process. if you realize the difficuy and the challenge is to know what you're doing, yes, you can make money. but it is not for the light of heart and people who don't know what they are doing. gerri: were the biggest mistakes people make when they try this for the first time. >> i think the first mistake they make is that they forget this is a business. and just like any business, if you don't make money, you're going to be out of business. so one of the difficulties most people have when they flip homes as they think it is their own personal resident with a two try to flip. there might be 10 tings you need to put in a house.
but when you are flipping, you may only put five things. you have to make sure your house is competitive so that when people look at your house versus someone else's money will stand out. but you don't want to put too much in there. everything else are you putting comes out of the bottom line. gerri: real estate is local. it makes sense to think about the area you are doing the sae. are their cities and towns and metropolitan areas that are best for flipping a map. >> well, let me say this. many are transitional neighborhoods. you want the biggest between your renovated an older home. those are und in your transitional neighborhood. so regardless of what city you are in, those are where you want to start and those are the top ideas. gerri: what you mean by transitional? >> those are some areas there has been work done we have east
atlanta, we have grant park. gerri: i'm not entirely confident how many times flippers are successful? >> i woulday nominee. just like any business, it's important to make sure that you are teaming up with people who have maybe done it before, and getting good advice, building a strong team, whichincludes your realtor, your contractor, and absolutely your lender. gerri: it takes a village. thank you for coming on the show. it was a pleasure speaking to.
gerri: all right, so what are the best places to do this? the answer is tonight's top five. the first one is omaha nebraska is number five. clippers made more than $7,100,000 in profits in 2011 the volume more than doubled. we do not come in number four is washington dc. demand for houses is rising in the nations capital, eading to nearly 2000 hos slipped. number three is oxnard, california. one in every 52 homes is in foreclosure there and that makes them ripfor flipping. number two is arizona. gross profits for house flippers in this area top $87,000 the number oneity to put the house in is new york city. really? house flippers are making profits of more than $118,000. coming up, would you want your child taught in school by a
bikini model? it must be friday. we are showing women in bikinis. and mor investors are borrowing against their portfolios to buy more stuff. what should you do that? looking out for you and your money coming up next girl vo: i i'm pretty conservative.
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>> this is "the willis report" with gerri willis. >> with stocks hitting new highs, the headlines on wall street hasn't been this good in years. behind the headlines, there is a troubling new development. take a lk at this one from "the wall street journal" this morning. they are borrowing againstheir
portfolios as the market goes up, investors arleveraging up with it. borrowing against the kings in their portfolio this newfound love of leverage comes with investors to help us break it down your here is the president of amg capital. hillary come welcome back. >> i find this kind of troubling. call me crazy, but is this a sign of a great bull arket or we are coming to the end and it's all going to blow up woen. >> it can be a fine. it means that at some point, it is long-term in equities and across the bow of the board.
they are borrowing against the money that they have in their stock accounts. gerri: doe this tell you they can't get money from lenders are banks? >> i read about a person who did renovation on hisouse. >> first of all, it's anywhere from 1% to 3.5%, maybe 4% to boow part of your portfolio. you have a dollar, but you borr $2 instant. i know people that don't want to sell the underlying stock because they ain't that they are stalking the gap.
we want to talk about how thi can rebound against you. >> okay, when you think abut spiral downwards. let say something happens, it's a very tenuous situation, and our currency, the u.s. currency keeps getting put up against the japanese yen. all of a sudden the market starts to go down and it's going to suddenly say to the individual investor, we are just going to sell the stock. and then the brokerage goes itself in knots when you have these stocks, especially wh the big list with the big fast money, it's also being forced to sell. >> is complete in a bad way.
>> like honeywell and others that hit a new high today. when the market goes down, everything goes down. and things go down much faster than they go out. so the rule is to be careful and weight. >> thank you for coming on. it's always great to see you. gerri: markets ending, but still solid gains. about 15% this year. the commodities, the dollar is strengthening. and the post office says it lost nearly $2 billion over the last three months. >> and here is a big-ticket item
like a lnmower and home appliances. in order to qualify, customers must have a monthly income of at least a thousand dollars and a valid social security number. the i apologizes. they say they are sorry for conservative local groups with the word tea party or patriot in their names. the head of the unn said it was itiated by workers in cincinnaai and it was very wrong. that is wild. and this is part of the top stories on fox president obama and his focus on jobs and the economy, spending e day in texas, pushing his government agenda. as lou dobbs pointed out last night, he may have picked the wrong place to press his case. you governor rick perry and senator ted cruz give the perfect example of what republicans are doing right.
>> the national unemployment rate is 7.5%. so he goes to texas where it is 6.4%. i don't know who is talkingto the president, who has his ear, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. another problem for the president is that texas s a right to work state. as wright work labor laws, no state income tax. when it comes to education, texasas the nati's fourth highest high school graduation week. 86% of texas students graduate. gerri: i have to tell you that a lot of good things co out of texas. >> you are right. well, the president, to me it is just utterly crazy because texas is booming and he should be own there listening to those folks instead of preachg to them.
we are following the president again in his defense of obamacare. gun violence that is, law enforcement, the denver police department, newtown, connecticut families. gun control. now he is using women to tap obamacare. you know what women really think about that. gerri: i certainly do. gerri: what is on your show tonight? >> the president of cold where -- coldwell banker. and what s outlook is for the industry nation. its certainly important to our prosperity. and cody wilson.
he has an onlineblueprint and we will talk about what makes an anarchy as to exactly what the government tells them to her. gerri: still on for the record, lewis from texas. this sunday is mother's day. for the president is a perfect opportuny to campaign. mr. obama is promoting the benefits of obamacare as we just talked about. senaterepublicans point out that women actually face a-train whack from obamacare. and women are staying single longer because obamacare taxes are higher for married women. and you could lose some subsidies if you are wealthy. number two is that you may be able to keep your children on ur plan longer, but it's going to cost you.
they could changee finally, women make up two thirds of the medicaid roster. maybe for father's day weekend of this document. next, we have this question. it legal? a teacher fired for opposing in a bikini as part of an outside modeling gig. our legal l panel breaks it down coming up next. welcome to the new buffalo... where new york state is investing one billion dollars to attract and grow business. where companies like geico are investing in technology & finance. welcome to the state where cutting taxes for business...
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gerri: a florida woman second job as koster her teaching job.
this woman was fired up for modeling in a bikini. care to weigh in is an employment law attorney. lis wiehl, what you say? >> i think this is outrageous. >> from their perspective, there is absolutely nothing that should be a reason for firing someone. just because she is a teacher. gerri: the students are looking at these pictures, and they are suosed to go to class the next
day and have respect for her? >> she wasn't on the internet when she started teaching. >> why did she changher name? >> that remains to be seen because she is a public employee. she could have due process rights. however, more importantly, or the reticular issue again, it isn't anything that any child or parent would not see if they walked out right. >> this is a code of activex. by virtue of their leadership capacity, teachers are held to a higher morals than it
intercommunity. >> yes, a lot of people have this. it just means that she has to be held, not just on her worktime, but being in a way that students are going to be lookg at her, saying that that is not the way it should be. gerri: so let's say she says i'm thinking about doing some extracurricular modeling area that it's going to be in a bikini. do you think you should do that? >> it is planned for thworst, hope for the best, but absolutely tell her not to. >> however, since she had done it, all right, since it's really nothing that is in the sense of her wearing a bikini, she wasn't at a strip club, she was in pole
dancing, something about everyday life. >> you're making my point,ith which is going to the school and sent to the school, is this okay. is it's okay with the code of ethics. >> would y defend her if she wanted to sue the school? >> well, first of all, it would end up on several her. if she had due process rights, they would have to really bring her up on charges. in that particular case they would have to show that this is something that isn't appropriate. and the bottom line agin is that yes, it could come up to bat. but if you are a tenured teacher and she's a good teacher, there's nothing that says she's a problem perform,. >> are twitter feed was 50% one-way and 50% another. some of them said he would see a woman dressed like that on the
beach and others would say, i don't want that woman teaching my kids. >>he's getting paid money, it is different if she's on the beach and the kid happens to walk by and see her. >> if were in the 1940s in the 1950s, yes. but this modern ra some could think that. >> the actual point that i have again is by actually pcing her in the front page on this particular program, i think that one really has to look at the motives. school year is over and they put the spotlight on it. >> i don't see how you can attribute that.
it is inappropriate for the kids, we really want you having taking classes with reading and writing and arithmetic to thank you for coming on. gerri: i feell so old-fashioned. [laughter] okay, onto the stay in business. in 1962, the incredible hulk came out. abination of frankenstein and doctor jekkll and mr. hyde. it kept turning the whole green because of such popularity. then they released the number one box office release, the incredible hulk film grossing 260 million worldwide. it is worth $19,000 and it was issued today, may 10, 51 years
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gerri: in fashion tonight, accessories my next guest
launches storyli back in 1998. his collection is featured at luxury retailers all over the place. bergdorf goodman, saks fifth avenue, his unique designs including opera, lady gaga, carrie underwood, he matthew joins me now. >> you are a very young man. you have a lot of success eally quickly being in these major sports. how did you break through? >> i was actually very lucky. when i visited new york, she was nice enough to call me when i worked at bergdorf goodman. gerri: i am wearing a gorgeous bracelet right here that matches my dress or you have a number of bags here. tell me a little bit about them. >> all of thh bags have stones and sapphires.
>> this is the hot thing right now. is the demand high? >> it is more and more important for people to have statement pieces in conversation. >> i just had on a bracelet that oprah wore once. >> tell me aut the materials. >> bobo was wearing this on the cover of her magazine. >> i think this iscool. >> that is enamel. gerri: what are your inspirations here? so your family collects arts and antiques. in what looks like a variety of influences here. can you tell me about that? >> a draw my inspition from my everyday life when i wal around cities. antiques, picture frames, i like to try to match the various
time. and become a little bit more modern. >> you don't sound like somebody who is an isn't international jewelry designer, but you are. what have you learned about the industry and about demand in the marketplace? we are talking about asia,a 30 think the best market is r this? >> if you have a unique product, the number one thing says remain true to your voice. >> you say remain true to your voice and it's interesting because you're actually from kentucky. i don't hear a bit of your accent. >>y parents are from california. >> like how i wear the story, what is your recommendation? what you tell them? ould they were something simple to accent a special piece like this?
>> i think that if you had a statement piece like that, you can wear aice pair of earrings. i'm a big advocate for stacking bangles like theseand that drives a lot of texture to the rest. >> that is what we are looking for. >> we wish you much futur ccess. thank you for showing us her beautiful tori, it is just a. we will be right right back with my "two cents more" and the answer to the question of our day. day. is your home worth more now than all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for realhis time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture.
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>> gusher -- survey shows compared to one year ago the biggest gain since 2006. it is your home worth more now than before the mill town? >> no.
is clawing its way back up. >> is about the same here but it should be getting better soon in louisville. 19 percent said yes but 81 percent said no. finally housing may be the silver lining in this economy. another recession or the removal of major housing tax breaks could delay the recovery but the potential is offset the not easy if i learned anything loing at the issue for the better part of a lasting years getting a good deal requires your homework and unafraid to peel back players to investigate it takes a stro stomach to negotiate but the payoff cou be big also with a price that is opportunistic and that is just of the opportunity that is what the market offers. my guess is many years from now we will scratch our heads wondering why we did not get into the house
market when we have the opportunity. that is it for tonight. thank you for joining us. do not forget todpr the show. have a great night.. >> absolutely fantastic. we will see you again. >> are you ready colonel? >> does arica still have a true grit? space some why is taking a risk becoming illegal? and the that upsets the cowboy libertarian the idea you will retaliate can ban something is crazy. >> should this behavior be banned? it is time to toughen up this is it. >> these pdu engineers offended people because they are all white. is that offensive? at least some americans